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I need a research position to continue my project

Dear All,
Since Jan. 2001, I have been working on a project. In this project, I put forward a new idea to develop web applications. Based on my idea, developers don't need to care about three tiers when developing web applications. They can focus on requirement analysis and business logic descriptions. Three tiers are generated by my developing platform automatically. I have implemented a prototype. If interested, I would like to show you.
For example, if a shopping website needs to be designed, developers just define actions (buy & sell), forms (order forms and receipt forms) and vocabularies (OrderedMerchandise, Price, InStock, Payment and etc). After that, they need to set up a workflow so as to set up a relation between customers and organizations. Thus, a shopping center is built. You can see there is no anything related to three tiers.
Right now I am trying to make much more detailed research and design on my platform. Furthermore, I plan to implement exchangeable web services so that it may realize the goal of software reuse. I am also trying to apply my platform in more practical areas, such as B2B and supply chain management.
My platform is built over Linux with Java and XML.
Are you interested in my research and platform? If so, can I get a chance to have a internship in your company? I would like to send more detailed materials about my research.
Li Bing
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