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RE: [xml-dev] Dynamic XML/XSL

> I want to have a page that has a select list
> (<SELECT><OPTION> using HTML in
> the XSL) that shows all the categorynames. In addition, I
> want to have the
> remainder of the page show the stuff in that category. But I
> want it to be
> dynamic so that if I change to a new category in the select
> list the items
> displayed will update to those in that category. I know how
> to do this with
> Javascript or using JSP page codes. But I would like this to
> be a pure XML
> solution. Does anyone know of a good place to get ideas on
> how to do this?

You'll find a couple of examples of interactive client-side transformation
in my book XSLT Programmers Reference (Wrox Press). You can't do it without
some client-side Javascript: the basic idea is that when a user action
occurs, the Javascript fires off a new XSLT transformation (typically using
the same stylesheet but with different parameters) and inserts the result of
that transformation into the HTML page.

Mike Kay