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Re: [xml-dev] IDs considered harmful or why keys might be better thanIDs...


David Carlisle wrote:

>>So why do we need _another_ mechanism to declare IDs?
> 'cause if your document is docbook+mathml that's hundreds of elements
> all of which have an ID .
> If you specify the full DTD in the external subset and then redeclare IDs
> in the internal subset some parsers will warn about duplicate declarations
> (its only a warning but standardising on something that parsers warn
> about seems odd) If you don't put the full DTD in the external subset
> your document isn't valid (which you might care about).

John Cowan wrote:

> Some XML applications, like SOAP, have seen fit to ban them.

Does that mean that we need to change the base (XML 1.0 + namespaces) 
because some DocBook or MathML users do not use it properly and SOAP has 
decided not to use one of the core features?

Looks like a slipery slope!

Eric (puzzled)
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