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Re: [xml-dev] So maybe ID isn't a problem after all.

James Clark:
> However, in this sitation with IE5/6, the fragment identifier 
> will be interpreted not with respect the XML document, but with respect to 
> the HTML document generated by the XSLT stylesheet.  Now, this is arguably 
> broken, but it's quite practical.

Yes, of course that's one reason that this hasn't really been an issue
so far, and isn't critical at the moment. "Native" XML browsing is only
just becoming possible now, and currently the browsers don't really do
anything with the fragment ID at all in XML mode, at best you'll be able
to get hold of it and use it in the internally generated html, but that
is (perhaps) just the current state of play, not the ideal situation.
Having a useful definition of the fragment identifier in XML would
perhaps help improve this situation. (Otherwise for example full
XPointer fragment ids are always going to be of little use if the
fragment id is always interpreted after transformation and so on
non-XML content.)


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