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magic competition (was Re: [xml-dev] annotations outside validation)


I like where you are going with that! Lets have an XML Magic

The problem: How to add stuff into the XML instance (be it linking info,
super whitespace handling rules, extra encoding information, XML profile info
etc.) with the following provisos:

         A solution that can grow as we find more things we missed
         Don't break existing systems
         Make the new stuff easily round-trippable
         No need to write custom parsers for the new stuff
         Don't make life harder for app developers who don't give a rats
         posterior about the new stuff.

Here is my entry to that competition:

A PI named in the xml namespace called swftpi = Stuff We Forgot To Put In

Used like this:

         <?xml:swftpi stuff="{xml version="1.0" 
encoding="UTF-8"}{foo}{bar}Hello World{/baz}{/foo}"?>

Take the swftpi PI target, replace {} delimiters with <> and you have a
second WF xml instance into which we can slide any stuff we like.

Am I serious? Maybe...just maybe...


At 09:09 13/11/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>All this discussion of IDs is making me wonder if maybe it isn't time to
>consider creating a class of attributes which aren't considered for
>validation of any kind, DTD or schema.
>Make a magic namespace and fix a prefix for it.  (Maybe xmlm for XML
>Tell validators not to touch anything in that namespace.
>Sprinkle as desired.
>Yeah, I know it's a stupid idea, fraught with all kinds of dangerous
>consequences, incompatibilities, and other difficult issues.
>On the other hand, we seem to constantly get stuck on all kinds of
>issues as we move into discussions where additional post-validation
>information is necessary, and we seem to just go around that in circles.
>Simon St.Laurent
>"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." - Emile Coue
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