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Re: [xml-dev] magic competition (was Re: [xml-dev] annotationsoutside validation)

On Tue, 2001-11-13 at 09:15, Sean McGrath wrote:
> I like where you are going with that! Lets have an XML Magic
> competition!
>[excellent entry deleted.]
> Am I serious? Maybe...just maybe...

An XML Magic competition sounds like a good idea.

Maybe I've just spent too much time on xml-dev (obvious, I fear), but it
seems like we're much better at circling through endless logic here than
at coming up with new ideas.

Rick Jelliffe's work on Schematron and The Hook and Eric van der Vlist's
Examplotron feel like obvious exceptions, but I'd like to see more magic
here, that's for certain.  

I feel like we've barely begun to scratch the surface of what markup can
do, but settle for walking along established paths.  Are we all just
muggles obsessed with business cases?

Simon St.Laurent
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." - Emile Coue