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Re: [xml-dev] magic competition (was Re: [xml-dev] annotations outside validation)

11/13/01 2:15:48 PM, Sean McGrath <sean.mcgrath@propylon.com> wrote:

>I like where you are going with that! Lets have an XML Magic
>The problem: How to add stuff into the XML instance (be it linking info,
>super whitespace handling rules, extra encoding information, XML profile info
>etc.) with the following provisos:
>         A solution that can grow as we find more things we missed
>         Don't break existing systems
>         Make the new stuff easily round-trippable
>         No need to write custom parsers for the new stuff
>         Don't make life harder for app developers who don't give a rats
>         posterior about the new stuff.

Sounds like a set of requirements for groves to me. Perhaps we need not XML Magic but SGML Arcane Lore ? ;-)