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[Announce] XML:DB XML Database API Reference Implementation

The XML:DB API is an attempt to bring an ODBC or JDBC style access API to 
native XML databases. The goal being to bring interoperability to native 
XML database applications and to lower the learning curve for XML database 
development. The first public release of the reference Java implementation 
of the API has just been made available. It is available from the XML:DB 
API project website. http://www.xmldb.org/xapi.

The reference implementation is basically a very simple file system based 
native XML database and is an easy way to get familiar with the API. Full 
source code is available under an Apache style license.

Included with the reference implementation are some Java driver 
development tools, including a set of base driver classes and an early 
release of a test suite.

Java implementations of the XML:DB API exist for dbXML [1] and eXist [2]. 
An implementation is also under development for Ozone [3].

The API has reached the point where the core design is complete and the 
details required for interoperable implementations are being hammered out.
  Anyone interested in implementing the API is encouraged to participate in 
the project. The open source databases are already well covered so I'm 
very interested in seeing implementations for the commercial databases.

The API is intended to be language independent, but most early work has 
been done in Java. Implementations in other languages are also of great 

[1] http://www.dbxml.org
[2] http://exist.sourceforge.net
[3] http://www.ozone-db.org

Kimbro Staken
XML Database Software, Consulting and Writing