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Re: [xml-dev] XMLDecl version

> it is unclear to me from the XML spec whether <?xml version='1'?> is 
> well-formed or not. 

Clearly it's well formed.  Look at the grammar productions, notably

    [26] VersionNum    ::=    ([a-zA-Z0-9_.:] | '-')+

which also permits "<?xml version='This-is-a-version-1-Document.'?>"
or even "<?xml version='Microsoft-XML-1.0'?>" (of which many folk
dread the potential appearance:).

Because of the pending Blueberry work, I modified AElfred2 a while
back to just emit a warning if the version string isn't "1.0".  There was
a time when every XML parser seemed to treat that case as a reason
to emit a fatal error (which is fully conformant with the REC).

- Dave