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Derived DTD - overriding attributes

I need to create one DTD derived from another. The docs for the base
DTD say that I should use this structure:

    <!-- Put here to override existing attribute declarations -->

    <!-- Put here to override existing entities from the base DTD -->

    <!-- Define and use an entity reference to the base DTD -->
    <!ENTITY % baseDTD SYSTEM "";>

    <!-- Put new element declarations here -->

    <!-- Put new attribute declarations here -->

I want to override an ATTLIST to add an extra choice to one of the
attributes. I tried putting the new ATTLIST declaration above the
inclusion of the base DTD, as suggested.

I am using XMLSpy (4.1) as my editor, and it did not pick up the new
attribute value.

I tried moving the ATTLIST to beneath the inclusion of the base DTD
and it then worked.

When duplicate ATTLISTs are found, is it not supposed to be the first
one that is used? This is certainly not the behaviour XMLSpy seems to
be giving me. Or am I doing something wrong?

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