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Re: [xml-dev] Caught napping!

> Consider this: this week and last, I have spent most of my
> waking houses trying to get one industry leading
> standards compliant XML editor to edit XML in
> a form that will not cause a standards compliant
> Browser to choke or display crud on the
> screen.

One more particular example could be just take 
some XHTML produced by tidy and try to process 
it with XSLT. I've used SAXON and it took me 
some time to underststand what is 'broken'.
And I'm not a newbie in XSLT.
> Really simple stuff. Or should be!

Yes, sure. XHTML is XML and XSLT is for 
XML processing, right?

> In my experience, put any two XML apps
> together and you have an integration problem. Any
> XML systems I've built or seen that do not have
> interoperability problems just use start-tags, end-tags
> attribute values and PCDATA. Monastic XML.
> Anything else is a nightmare.


;-) It is almost "de-facto standard" ;-)

> As for namespaces, don't get me started on namespaces!

It've been said many times that they are not a solution, 
but a problem ( for XSLT, for DOM e t.c. e t.c. )

Worse is better. prexif-tag does the trick for me.

> Could some of the people who find XML interoperability
> a complete walk in the park please send their
> CVs to me immediately? I'm on the verge
> of concluding that I'm too old for this, or to stupid
> or both.

I'd appreciate not resumes, but URLs to some 
actual stuff that really requires more than  
"Monastic XML" subset.

> -- Rant does not have a start-tag because this is a streaming
> mode e-mail :-)

XML can not do 'streaming' . 

If end-tag is missing, the robust applicaion can not 
trust to the document.