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Re: [xml-dev] Regarding XML support for Netscape

There is not yet comprehensive XML documentation on Netscape's website 
regarding Netscape 6's XML support. Your best source of information 
would be Mozilla (Netscape 6 is based on Mozilla). The overall view of 
all that is XML in Mozilla can be found at: 

To transfer XML data from the client to the server you'd most likely 
want to use the XMLHttpRequest object which works in Mozilla and IE. See 
XML Extras page for more information: http://www.mozilla.org/xmlextras/

Please note that XML Extras was included in Netscape 6.1 and forward.

syed Ilias mirza wrote:

>We have done a project using XML for data transfer from client page to server page.It is running fine on IE 5.0 and higher versions.When we started testing on Netscape 6.0 it is not supporting XML.As you have mentioned in your docunment that "Netscape has couple of XML plug-ins that have identical API - your code should be quite close for both browsers".
>   I request to please give some information regarding support of XML in Netscape.Please send the API download address as soon as possible.
  Heikki Toivonen