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Re: [xml-dev] Regarding XML support for Netscape

I've done various elementary tests of the XML/XSLT support in Netscape 6.2,
downloaded and installed in vanilla fashion last week on Win 2K SP2, with
very mixed success.
1.  Ran the tests on http://www.mozilla.org/xmlextras/tests.html.  Most of
these worked.  Some seem erratic, possibly depending upon the state of the
cache (sometimes get "No result" sometimes and reasonable response later)..
Some get errors   -- the parseserialize*.html tests have the erratic
behavior *and* errors otherwise.  When I view the source, the errors look
like some corruption of the text to parse in the javascript function
execute().  It looks like most of a DOCTYPE was lost.

2.  Loaded various random .xml files.  These displayed without tags as I

3.  Loaded a couple of pairs of xml file with associated XSLT stylesheet in
the same directory on local disk.  This also acted as though the tags were
not recognized, while IE 6.0 properly formats the data according to the
stylesheet in each case.  One of the pairs was the "document example" from
the appendix D.1 of the XSLT spec.  The other was some tutorial example I
found on the Microsoft website.  The stylesheet used the old broken WD
namespace for XSLT, but after I fixed this up (seemingly correctly), it
still fails.  Does this mean that Netscape 6.x doesn't support XSLT, or some
other plugin is needed?