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Re: [xml-dev] Regarding XML support for Netscape

>1.  Ran the tests on http://www.mozilla.org/xmlextras/tests.html.  Most of
>these worked.  Some seem erratic, possibly depending upon the state of the
>cache (sometimes get "No result" sometimes and reasonable response later)..
>Some get errors   -- the parseserialize*.html tests have the erratic
>behavior *and* errors otherwise.  When I view the source, the errors look
>like some corruption of the text to parse in the javascript function
>execute().  It looks like most of a DOCTYPE was lost.
Inconsistent results was a problem in the testcases, and I just fixed 
it.  Thanks for pointing it out. The website may take a few hours to update.

Mozilla does not preserve the XML declaration in the DOM (strictly 
speaking, the DOM has no support for it; IE puts a processing 
instruction node in its place). Also, some newlines may disappear/move 
in the prolog when Mozilla parses and serializes an XML document via 
DOM. If you see something else happening please let me know.

>3.  Loaded a couple of pairs of xml file with associated XSLT stylesheet in
>the same directory on local disk.  This also acted as though the tags were
>not recognized, while IE 6.0 properly formats the data according to the
>stylesheet in each case.  One of the pairs was the "document example" from
>the appendix D.1 of the XSLT spec.  The other was some tutorial example I
>found on the Microsoft website.  The stylesheet used the old broken WD
>namespace for XSLT, but after I fixed this up (seemingly correctly), it
>still fails.  Does this mean that Netscape 6.x doesn't support XSLT, or some
>other plugin is needed?
XSLT is supported since Netscape 6.1, but it is still relatively new 
implementation. There has been work on creating a comprehensive guide 
detailing Mozilla's XSLT support but I don't think it has been published 

  Heikki Toivonen