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Re: [xml-dev] Parsing Streaming XML Incrementally

Hi Stephen,

Does the total information sent by the client to the server make a
well-formed XML document? Same for the total information from the server to
the client? From your example it looks as though it might.

If it does, then I'm willing to bet that the vendor is expecting you to open
one connection/stream for each direction. You write XML in pieces to the one
and read it back from the other.

Don't close the stream from the server (actually either stream). If you do
this then an event based parser like SAX will call a handler/call-back for
each event it receives. If you write your request pieces from the handler
methods, then you should get an interleaved protocol going.

If you close the connections, or try to use a parser that has to read ahead
you will have a problem. (So don't generate a DOM).

Just a guess. I hope I said it clearly enough to be understood.


On 01/11/15 1:51 AM, "Development Role Account" <dev@neurosphere.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am working with a device which has implemented a sort of proprietary
> RPC mechanism to retrive data and manipulate operation, using XML (actual
> party names will be omitted to protect the guilty).
> Unfortunately, the device uses XML in a way which seems very non-standard
> to me, although I must admit I am fairly new to XML. I am of a mind to go
> and scream at the vendor of this device for making the RPC mechanism work
> the way it does, but first I'd like some feedback to ensure that I'm on
> sound theoretical footing.