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Re: [xml-dev] Parsing Streaming XML Incrementally

>It is not a SAX/DOM issue either - at least for all of the perl parsers
>I've been using, both SAX and DOM models expect a well-formed document ...
>SAX parsers will respond to XML tags as they are encountered, but if
>closing tags are not seen after the complete document has been scanned,
>the parser croaks. The problem being that none of the "documents" emitted
>by the server are complete ... but the client still needs to react to
>the XML fragments.

you might want to have a look at OmniMark (www.omnimark.com),
that is a streaming XML programming language
(a lot more high level than SAX is, it works on hierarchical element 
events, rather than on tag-events)
that knows how to recover from wellformdness errors as you please
the language is http and tcp aware, so you can stream information in and out
I can always provide you with more information if you are interested