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RE: [xml-dev] so why don't more browsers support XSLT?

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> From: Frank Richards [mailto:frichards@softquad.com] 

> Why? Seems to me that as long as you don't need to reorder things, CSS
> should do the job. <shameless_plug>Take a look at XMetaL The 
> wysiwyg edit
> buffer is styled with CSS and it works fine.</shameless_plug>

Great example. Most web based applications I build may depend on XSLT
for data transformation, but there is no alternative to CSS when it
comes on using these (aka UI).
> Every release of IE I keep hoping they'll add :before and 
> :after, which
> would be the 80/20 point for me.

There are even more fundamental parts missing IMHO, take the selectors
for example. You can't even do

foo1 > foo2

It makes no sense to me actually. MS has a full XPath implementation in
it's parsers, but they have crippled their CSS support thanks to poor
selector syntax support. Go figure.

Kindest regards,