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Re: [xml-dev] Element Occurrence and #PCDATA

> #PCDATA represents "Parsed Character Data".  
> ...  Basically is means that the parsers looks at
> every character.

Hunting for delimiters:  '&' and '<', and (forbidden) "]]>".

Going perhaps offtopic (or perhaps broadening it to
more about historical oddities in XML):

> Character Data (CDATA - only valid in attributes and
> Marked Sections in XML) says that the parser will not look at the
> characters in a CDATA element.

Except that in (XML) attributes, "CDATA" is actually parsed
for entity/char references, may not have '<', and has no rules
about "]]>" ... unlike <![CDATA[...]]> sections.

What's the history behind having two different kinds of CDATA?
I've always been puzzled.

- Dave