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Re: [xml-dev] Element Occurrence and #PCDATA


	#PCDATA represents "Parsed Character Data".  Years ago when I
first started working with SGML, I had the same question. I saw the
#PCDATA and thought what is the difference between Personal Computer (PC)
Data and UNIX or VMS data.  Basically is means that the parsers looks at
every character.

	Character Data (CDATA - only valid in attributes and
Marked Sections in XML) says that the parser will not look at the
characters in a CDATA element.

	Hope this helps.


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On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Dan Mabbutt wrote:

> I have a question about a slightly obscure syntax of #PCDATA in a DTD.
> Is the syntax (#PCDATA)* ever meaningful?
> I've searched the archives for this group, Googled the Web, and searched
> every text I have.  The only references I can find are in "XML For Dummies"
> (2nd Ed.) where the syntax is used quite extensively on page 85 and 86 and
> one single reference on page 232 of Simon St. Laurent's "XML A Primer" by
> Simon St.Laurent that is really about CDATA and the use of the syntax may,
> or may not, be meaningful. (That's why this message is also directed to Mr.
> St.Laurent.)
> Thanks!
> Dan Mabbutt
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