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Re: [xml-dev] tricky validation problem w multiple schemas

From: "Eddie Robertsson" <eddie@allette.com.au>
 > If you run the above instance document with Topologi Schematron Validator it
> will validate just fine (even the part declared as <xs:any> will be validated
> against the http://fsch.ns namespace schema). The important thing you have to do
> though is to turn on "DTD validation". Yes, I know it's a bad name to call the
> switch that turns on validation but it's a hangover from the time when MSXML4
> didn't support the xsi:schemaLocation attribute which meant only DTD Validation
> was turned on and off. In the next version we should change this to "DTD/Schema
> validation".
We have updated the Topologi Schematron Validator (available free
at http://www.topologi.com/ ) to fix that label on the options page.
No other changes made.

It now says "Validate with DTD. If no DTD, validate with W3C XML Schema."
That seems to be the most straightforward way to use MSXML 4.

Rick Jelliffe