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Re: [xml-dev] Parser structure (historical background question)

At 20:25 21-11-2001, Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:
>Historically, SGML *required* validation of the parser, so many of the early
>discussions around validation assumed this. I forget who first noted that
>validation is orthoganal to parsing, but I know I was an early proponent
>of "lazy validation". Tim Bray's Lark/Larva good example of a pipeline
>approach to this.

Half of a co-poster-presentation that Gavin and I did at SGML '96 on the 
subject can be found at <URL: 
http://crism.maden.org/consulting/pub/raw/sgml96.ppt > (PowerPoint, sorry - 
I was young and naÔve).  Gavin's half was to cover the pipeline in a little 
more detail, but he got sidetracked by a car accident on the way to Boston. )-:

This half of the presentation mostly deals with record-end handling, but 
touches on the pipeline idea.

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