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Re: [xml-dev] Re: determining ID-ness in XML

Sean McGrath <sean.mcgrath@propylon.com> writes:

> At 11:14 24/11/2001 +0000, Michael Kay wrote:
> > > It seems people on this list live in different universes. All
> > > around me
> > > I see XML that is as proprietary to particular vendors as their
> > > native "binary" notations where. I see the open systems *spirit* that
> > > is implicit in XML jettisoned while the *syntax* of XML - the only
> > > thing explicit in the standard - is used to create new proprietary
> > > notations.
> >
> >What are you trying to say, Sean? That no-one should be allowed to design
> >and use their own XML vocabularies unless TimBL first signs it off as
> >approved?
> Of course not.
> I am arguing for a data model for XML. There is no
> conflict between having a data model for XML - so that we all know
> what the parsing *layers* do and emit - and having user defined
> vocabularies!

So I think I know where this is going, but just to be sure -- why
_isn't_ the Infoset that data model?

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