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Re: [xml-dev] Should attributes be prefixed

Bob Hutchison writes:

 > > Presuming that the "invoice" model designers were bright enough to
 > > write clear processing rules, including "ignore any unrecognized
 > > attribute not in the invoice Namespace", then the extra attribute will
 > > be guaranteed not to break anyone else's processing software.
 > Shouldn't this be "ignore any unrecognized attribute not in the invoice
 > Namespace, but don't forget to pass it along to downstream XML processors"?
 > Not stripping the unrecognized attributes in a stream of XML
 > processors/applications is going to be important if this is going to work, I
 > think. Am I missing something?

I'm assuming that the processing software is converting the invoice to
an in-memory or in-database invoice data structure that has nothing to
do with generic XML markup (that should be the normal case for that
sort of processing).

All the best,


David Megginson