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RE: [xml-dev] Problems with XML from ASP.

The ASP file generates the XML, so the problem is that the file is being
loaded w/o being processed by IIS because I used server.mapPath, which
returns the system drive path.  So, yes, ASP code is being loaded instead of
the XML that needs to be generated.  What I'm trying to do is call an ASP
page on a web server that generates the XML that I'm trying to load.  Since
the Load() method is capable of taking a complete URL as the argument, this
should be possible.

However, now I'm stuck because when I try using the complete URL
(http://localhost/myxml.asp) the parser returns with xmldoc.parsed = false
and xmldoc.readyState = 3.  If I call transformNode, I get an error telling
me "The data necessary to complete this operation is not yet available."  If
I try looping until xmldoc.readyState = 4, it appears that the loop is
endless.  So, I'm pretty stumped.  I'm using the Microsoft transformation
example code from the KB:


The only things I've changed in the example are the sourceFile and styleFile
variables to URLs instead of using server.mapPath.

Doesn't anyone out there load XML that's dynamically generated from an ASP
Thanks, Byron.

-----Original Message-----
From: Shepard Towindo [mailto:sqlcertified@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 7:07 PM
To: Byron Stuart
Subject: Re: [xml-dev] Problems with XML from ASP.

It seems you are trying to load an .ASP file not an
XML file from your load statement and that obviously
will not work. Is your asp that you are trying to load
in the a dom docyument generating an xml file? I am
confused here can you include the asp file and the xml
file code?


--- Byron Stuart <Byron.Stuart@keynote.com> wrote: >
I'm trying to use the MSXML 4 DOMDocument, but for
> some reason, it doesn't
> like the XML from my ASP. When I load a page of
> sample data w/ either a .xml
> or .asp extension, everything works fine. But, when
> I add any ASP statements
> (even a comment like this: <% 'this is asp %>) to
> the .asp page, the XML
> parser chokes and gives the following error:
> Error loading XML Document :
> ----------------------------
> Error Code : -1072896764
> Reason : A name was started with an invalid
> character.
> The generated XML page looks fine in the browser,
> but when I load it in
> another page using the DOMDocument object with the
> following code:
> xmldoc.load server.mapPath("mypage.asp"), I get the
> error. Does anyone have
> any idea what's going on here? Thanks, Byron.
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