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Re: [xml-dev] tutorials/seminars in NYC area

The XML Special Interest Group of New York meets monthly in downtown Manhattan. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, 18 December, 7 - 9 p.m. at the Goldman Sachs Training Center, 125 Broad Street. The featured speaker will be Bob Lyons of Unidex, on the subject of SAX filters.

This talk will provide a tutorial on SAX filters, which can be used by Java applications to efficiently process XML documents of any size. We'll start with an overview of the Simple API for XML (SAX) and SAX filters. We'll then examine how SAX filters can be easily chained together to perform a series of processing steps on XML or non-XML data. We'll look at sample SAX filters, some of which are available as commercial products and open source software. Three of the sample filters allow a Java application to efficiently transform an XML document via XSLT, even when the document is too large to fit into memory. The first of these three filters splits up the input document into a series of small output documents. The second filter transforms each of the small documents via XSLT. The third filter bundles the sequence of transformed documents into a single large output document.

To reserve a place at this meeting, or to subscribe to our email list for announcement of future meetings, send an email to me directly mailto:wperry@fiduciary.com. Because of security procedures, you cannot be admitted to this meeting if you have not reserved a place and received confirmation from me in advance.

I hope that this is of interest.

Walter Perry

Margaret Penney wrote:

I was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials/seminars for XML and XSLT development in the New York City area?  Any ideas appreciated. Thanks