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Re: [xml-dev] Global or shared namespace?

Can I plead confusion here?

1) What is meant by "xmlns isn't a namespace at all"?

2) What is the incompatibility? Is the question one of how "no
namespace" is represented in the info set?

3) How does DOM L2 not conform to the NS Rec?

-- Ron

Jeff Rafter wrote:

> This is true-- it seems to be causing problems as well-- on the xerces-j-dev
> and sax-devel lists there is currently a discussion of this very issue (may
> as well have it on three lists at once right?). To quote David Brownell:
> >>
> The SAX2 spec does indeed conform to the Namespace spec, rather than
> to the (new) Infoset spec or (less new) DOM L2 spec.  The namespace folk
> were pretty adamant that "xmlns" isn't a namespace at all.  I went around
> with them on that issue more than once.  Though I can't say I'm glad to see
> the W3C change its mind on that issue well _after_ the Namespace REC
> was finalized!  (*)
> (*) The first of the three DOM L2 Candidate Recommendations,
>     dated 10-Dec-1999, conformed to the 14-Jan-1999 Namespace
>     REC ... but the second of three (!) DOM L2 CRs, 7-Mar-2000,
>     changed this.  SAX2 finalized two months after that, DOM L2
>     in November 2000, and Infoset just a few months ago.  Just to
>     track the publicly visible milestones of this change.
> <<
> I wouldn't say that this is a troll at all. This is a clearly a case of the
> incompatibilities everyone has been talking about around here. I am not sure
> if Eric's solution is the "right" one-- but I definitely feel that the
> current state of things is "wrong". DOM2 seems to be the odd man out (in
> that it does not conform to the NS rec).