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Re: [xml-dev] XML Buzzwords. RFC

PaulT wrote:
> > I suppose I don't mind buzzwords so much as I hate acronyms.  Can we
> > stop with the acronyms already?
> I don't mind buzzwords, actually. Buzzwords are good.
> I just feel that there is now more XML APIs than I can
> keep track of,  so I want it all to go into one place ;-)
> Kinda pragmatic thing. CPAN is pragmatic.
> What's your problem with acronyms? I don't get it.

Acronyms are a good device for shortening titles that might already be
obvious to a very broad audience, but in the XML world, they're used far
too often, and present a learning hurdle to the uninitiated.  I suppose
it wouldn't be so bad if the expanded titles were used just as often as
the acronyms, but they're not...  Seems rather elitist to me.

-- Tom