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RE: [xml-dev] Problems with XML from ASP.

Well, I got this working.  There were a few quirky things that I had to do
to make it work:

To load the XML document (ASP generated), I had to use the ServerXMLHTTP to
GET the XML.  Then, whenever I tried to set xmldoc = srvXmlHttp.responseXML
I would end up with an empty xmldoc object, so instead I used
xmldoc.loadXML(srvXmlHttp.responseText) and that is working great.  As for
the XSLT, I had to use a local drive path to the file because I have
includes in it and when I tried using the URL, the parser could not find the
includes.  And the strangest thing of all is that if my ASP page that
performs the transformation is in the same virtual directory as the XML
page, the srvXmlHttp.send method causes my page to time out.  So, I created
another virtual directory pointing to the same physical directory and load
the transformation page from that directory instead and everything works.
Of course, if you are just loading an XML file (.xml) you don't need to jump
through these hoops.  This was the only way I could get my dynamic XML file
(.asp) to load and transform correctly.

Thanks to all who emailed me with helpful information!  I've attached the
file in case anyone has the same problems I did and would like the code.