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Re: [xml-dev] Problems with XML from ASP.

> And the strangest thing of all is that if my ASP page that
> performs the transformation is in the same virtual directory as the XML
> page, the srvXmlHttp.send method causes my page to time out.  So, I
> another virtual directory pointing to the same physical directory and load
> the transformation page from that directory instead and everything works.
> Of course, if you are just loading an XML file (.xml) you don't need to
> through these hoops.  This was the only way I could get my dynamic XML
> (.asp) to load and transform correctly.

The explanation for this is that ASP serializes requests to an ASP
(everything below a virtual root that is marked as being an application).
In theory it should only serialize requests within a Session, and
as ServerXMLHTTP does not carry the user's cookies it should not be an
issue for you, but...
So basically, ASP is waiting for your first .asp to finish to serve the XML
request, which causes the deadlock you're seeing.