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Re: [xml-dev] Problems with XML from ASP.

> > The explanation for this is that ASP serializes requests to
> > an ASP application (everything below a virtual root that is
> > marked as being an application). In theory it should only
> > serialize requests within a Session, and as ServerXMLHTTP
> > does not carry the user's cookies it should not be an issue
> > for you, but... So basically, ASP is waiting for your first
> > .asp to finish to serve the XML request, which causes the
> > deadlock you're seeing.
> That's not 100% true. I'm jumping in late on this thread so maybe I missed
> the fact that he said debugging was enabled.
> Unless he has enabled debugging on the application's root, ASP requests
> NOT serialized. (Can you imagine how unscalable the technology would be if
> they were?? *shudder*) Or, as you mentioned, if sessions are enabled all
> requests from that specific session are serialized.

That's why I was wondering above why requests were serialized although they
were not in the same session. Sorry if my English wasn't crystal clear.
Perhaps I should have said "ASP serializes requests to _your_ application",
as that was what he was seeing.
I had not thought of the debug flag, and _that_ indeed serializes requests
application-wide, which explains the observed behavior. Thanks for
clearing up the mystery.