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Re: [xml-dev] Sharing Techniques: White Spaces in HTML pages by XSLT

> If you're transforming from ASP, getting the right encoding out is a bit
> tricky.
> The naive way :
>     Response.Write doc.transformNode(stylesheet)
> will make the XSL processor produce UTF-16, which will then be converted
> to iso-8859-1 (actually, to whatever codepage was specified through
> Response.CodePage) for sending to the client by Response.Write.
> And it gets you in trouble because MSXML, thanks to the method="html"
> attribute, will still have inserted a META tag which describes the
> as being in iso-8851-1, and ASP won't touch it. The browser may get
> quite confused (IE does).

Sorry: actually the META tag says that the HTML is in UTF-16,
but the client gets it in iso-8859-1 from ASP. In any case, the client
is confused.