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   RE: [xml-dev] Inside Redhell: Microsoft XAML Blogger Round-Up

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Sure, but I doubt you will get the customers to vote for 
multiple standards for TV broadcast if it forces them to 
have five different televisions.  On the other hand, they 
are willing to put up with over-the-airwaves, over-the-cable, 
direct-by-satellite, TiVO, DVD recorders, and VCRs.  They 
didn't tolerate beta vs VCR for long although one could 
argue Sony decided the market wasn't big enough for two.

What we are seeing may be more like Windows vs MAC and 
that continues to this day.

We may want to look at this in terms of developer choices. 
When is it appropriate to use the rich client?  When is 
it appropriate to use the browser?  When should we put 
as much on the server as we can and when will it be wise 
to balance the performance load by fattening the client? 
My intuition says that locus of control and distance 
determine this.  In other words, rules of LANs and WANs. 
Some will claim IT makes these decisions based on ease 
for their own jobs, but my experience is that varies 
by organization.  Sometimes the IT guys get to decide; 
sometimes the users get to decide.  Sometimes it comes 
down to cost; sometimes it comes down to performance 
and functionality.  Every bloody RFP and procurement 
group has their own cultural biases.  

What we do have are choices here now that we don't have 
if we insist on one or the other as the 'winners'.  I'm 
not sure they are competing in that sense.   Will XAML 
compete with XUL/SVG?  Sure.  Is that bad?  Not from 
where I sit but I've no XUL/SVG investment to defend. 
Because we buildhigh performance real time 
dispatch applications as well as large databases that 
need to interoperate both intra and extra agency, we 
need both browser and rich clients.  We welcome XAML 
to get a modicum of convergence and choice.  We welcome 
Indigo to lighten the load of building those extranet 
databases for standard service oriented architectures. 
Our challenge is to get our industry to converge on 
standards for that.  (Public safety is a late adopter 
industry.  Otherwise, a death knell would have been 
heard for the vendors here because they are a good 
five to eight years behind technically.)

Will XAML compete with X3D?  In some applications, it 
possibly will, but real time distributed 3D is a tougher 
competition and XAML might not be able to win that won. 
Chrome was a performance dog and performance is the 
sine qua non of real time 3D.  I don't dismiss it, neither 
do I fear it.  We will tune and retune our standards to 
accomodate the market.  Anyone who thinks this is a 
"done and done" decision hasn't done this for more than 
five years.

What we should learn to do is recognize when innovation 
is just perturbation.  Markets are actually pretty good 
at not buying new and different for the sake of it when 
there are no demonstrable benefits.  It isn't as if we've 
all seen the glossy interface and lost our business sense. 
In my domain, we sell to very dense and very difficult 
RFPs that over time weed out novelty for novelty's sake.


-----Original Message-----
From: Didier PH Martin [mailto:martind@netfolder.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 8:29 AM
To: 'Rich Salz'; 'Bill Kearney'
Cc: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: RE: [xml-dev] Inside Redhell: Microsoft XAML Blogger Round-Up

Hi Rich,
Rich said:
Ya think it was a fair vote?  Let's consider "fair" to mean "follow 
standard practices"

If you answer yes, then there's a few court cases to read...

Didier replies:
You probably misunderstood Len, He meant "customer vote". This is the
ultimate vote. You may argue that they didn't have the choice; they may
argue that they do not want choice. Just think for a moment, why the USA is
dominated by a single language even if its population came from abroad and
spoke a different language. Just think for a moment... Your definition of
"standard" may not be the same one as the "market" has. Just think about
that for a moment...

Didier PH Martin

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