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   Re: [xml-dev] Re: Hostility to "binary XML" (was Re: [xml-dev] XML 2004

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> i don't understand the reluctance on the moore's law business. we have
> wireless because of moore's law and if you look at mobile phone over the
> last few years, and batteries, and device convergence, there's at least
> anectdotal evidence that moore's law is very much alive and well. now
> think of what you expect in your mobile device in the next 18 months....

There's a lot more to wireless than etching silicon.  Getting an electron to
reliably jump an air gap ain't easy.  And storing those buggers inside
little plastic cases isn't trivial.  Get enough of them together to be
useful and they have a tendency to seek ways to escape... RAPIDLY.  Not
exactly a big 'selling point' to have them meltdown and/or explode.
Somewhat trivial stuff compared to the heinously toxic efforts needed to
etch itsy-bitsy lines on wafers.  But that risk is concentrated at the
factory (usually accompanied by outrageous local tax breaks) and not
someone's handbag.

> my first mobile was the size of an eyeglass case and worked for only a
> few hours without recharging.

You punk kids, you.  Mine was the size of a BRICK and had an hour's talk
time, tops.  That is unless you count the one before it that was permanently
wired into the car.  Or bag phones.  Yeesh, what we put up with.  But we did
consider the Moto folks must've used some sort of alien technology to get
the sort of battery life a StarTac possessed.

Err, what prescription glasses were you talking about?  Or was that due to
those fashionably HUGE frames everyone put up with in the 80's?

> now it lasts for days and has a camera,
> pda, etc is 25% the size, 15% the weight, and still makes phone calls!

"Jack of all trades, master of none" unfortunately comes to mind when trying
to use some of them.  For me the downside continues to be screen size.
Talking into a Pop Tart (treo, crackberry, palm) just doesn't cut it.  Too
awkward and, eeeew, "ear sweat" (and we thought finger schmutz was bad on

The vendor that figures out how to make a roll- or slide-out screen that
doesn't break easily will make a killing.  Gimme one of those scf-fi
roll-out jobbies (sans the alien dudes with freakishly long fingers).

-Bill Kearney


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