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   Re: [xml-dev] XPath and XPattern (was Re: [xml-dev] More on tamingSAX)

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Christian Nentwich wrote:

>>No.  Sorry.  STX is just one candidate.  Others have implemented the
>>same thing in other ways.  Why should STX be the automatic winner?
>Oh my gosh... help! I surrender! :)
>What I intended to say was: a lot of analysis on streamability has
>gone into this subset of XPath. It's worth looking at, and the mailing
>list archives are worth looking at because there was a lot of
>discussion on axes, predicates, one-lookahead for text node children
>(which enables a few types of predicates to be evaluated), and other
>issues that anybody who attempts this will run up against. The
>discussion included a number of people from this list, including
>Michael Kay.
>Then people could read up on it, rather than post messages like "I
>heard through the grapevine that predicates generally don't work with
>streaming". Then again, I suppose, it's fun to do analysis from
>scratch. Ah well, whatever it is, it'll be good to see streaming

OK.  Peace on earth and all that, but I think you're still 
misunderstanding.  I don't think anyone is doing any analysis from 
scratch.  For my part, I'm familiar with STX and a few other streaming 
specs (I've always watched them), and I've learned my own lessons 
several times implementing my own streaming XPath-like tools in C and 
Python.  I think most others in this conversation have similar background.

So this analysis is not really of the basic morphology of XPath features 
with respect to streaming.  The underlying science and engineering is 
pretty well known.  The discussion is, rather: on what known 
restrictions and known consequences of those can we *agree*?  The STX 
mailing list has some references of interest, but is in no way a 
replacement for this broader discussion.

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