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   Re: [xml-dev] Schema Compatability - was Re: [xml-dev] incompatible uses

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Of course whenever you are in a hurry silly things tend to get in your way:


None-the-less, I am working this out and will hopefully have a web
service up and running that utilizes Saxon.NET and SubversionSharp to
allow quick and painless submission of stylesheets as well as a base
foundation in which can become its permanent URI reference within the
import statement, which will literally allow a permanent URI home for
your import elements within your stylesheets.  Im also working on
various ways to use the same URI and yet use a local copy of a
Subversion repository if its up to date or a variety of global copies
of the repositories hosted by anyone willing to take the bandwidth hit
maintaining such a repository would require...

In the mean time the Trac UI will help aid the development of ideas as
to the type of functionality we are going to need but yet dont have
through any other existing code base that we can tap into...  Feel
free to use the Wiki on that site to begin content creation :)

On 4/21/05, M. David Peterson <m.david.x2x2x@gmail.com> wrote:
> > http://xmlschemata.org/
> Personally this kicks a$$ over my suggestion so my vote is with this
> -- unless someone else can suggest and donate something better?
> I like your suggestions here Eric.  It seems that several times over
> the last 6 months the topic of developing a more standardized library
> of reusable templates has come up in conversation with various
> community members.  In fact I have been compiling the Xamelon library
> off and on for a couple years, intended to act in this same capacity.
> Theres obvious a seperation between the code library and the Schema
> project so why dont we focus http://xmlschemata.org/ on the suggested
> Schema project and then simply make the Xameleon.org Template Library
> the foundation for this as I already have a HUGE amount of this
> library developed from the standpoint of the web-based check-in,
> check-out, logos, etc...  I would hate to see that all go to waste so
> if you all are cool with it I will simply begin to activate some of
> the stuff that already exists.
> I do know that the template library idea has always been validated as
> a good thing but for various reasons I think its easy to suggest but
> difficult to convince your mind to do all the leg work to make
> something like this happen and happen right. Without a doubt at one
> point or another we have all developed a one off stylesheet that was
> fine-tuned to a specific purpose  and then set it aside and forgot
> about.  Isn't it spring cleaning time in the Northern Hemisphere? [Im
> not dissin' the "southerners" here, just going with what I know for
> now to try and justify things from some sort of cosmic "God made this
> happen" fateful load a crap -- hey, crap like this sales, bottom line
> ;)]
> Ok, this gives me an idea...  Uh, oh... well, too late... The
> development of this idea already has over three characters (theres a
> total of 7 so I cant even say "closeadamnnuff" to get out of it at
> this point) of the first line written so its too late now [going by
> the three character rule which is to say that as long as you have
> written less than three characters then you have never really
> committed yourself to this code file so its ok not to develop it --
> what, youve never heard of it?  Hmm... thats wierd, I thought
> everybody lived by the three character rule ;)
> BTW... this suggested library should have as its foundation Dimitre's
> FXSL project.  Doing so will help encourage us all to start using the
> most powerful yet underused library that brings to XSLT things like
> the source of the "whatinthe" look found [Dimitre's explanation as to
> the functions in the library used and how follow directly after the
> "stunned" photo] here >
> http://www.xsltblog.com/archives/2005/04/my_reaction_a_r_1.html
> I think I may be able to develop the perfect mechanism to make the
> submission of new code and access to the library code as simple as...
> well, you'll see...  Give me 30-60 and I'll show ya what Im talking
> about...
> cheers :)
> <M:D/>
> On 4/21/05, Eric van der Vlist <vdv@dyomedea.com> wrote:
> > On jeu, 2005-04-21 at 05:07 -0600, M. David Peterson wrote:
> > > I just realized that a Schema Compatibilty open community project like
> > > this would file really well under my OpenUnderstanding.com domain -
> > >
> > > so:
> > >
> > > SchemaComp.OpenUnderstanding.com?
> > > Schema.OpenUnderstanding.com?
> > > Compatibility.OpenUnderstanding.com?
> > >
> > > Something else? Nothing at all?
> >
> > I can also propose to use xmlschemata.org that I am currently using for
> > my RNG book (http://books.xmlschemata.org) and some downloads
> > (http://downloads.xmlschemata.org).
> >
> > If there is an interest, I would be happy to open other sections to host
> > a compatibility matrix and/or stylesheets to transform schemas.
> >
> > As many people, I have developed quite a lot of these stylesheets that
> > I'd be happy to contibute to an open source project.
> >
> > Eric
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> >                                                http://apiculteurs.info/
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> <M:D/>
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:: M. David Peterson ::
XML & XML Transformations, C#, .NET, and Functional Languages Specialist


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