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   Re: [xml-dev] Is Web 2.0 the new XML?

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At 8/12/2005 05:11 PM, Alan Gutierrez wrote:
>     Probably already in place:
>     Why not accept submissions of tests from XQuery users? Set up a
>     WWW interface that accepts submissions and can actually execute
>     them. Discuss the results on a news group.

Actually, the specific mechanisms that you suggest are not in place, but 
they have been suggested by some participants in the process.  As the 
announcement said, we definitely would like for the general XQuery public, 
whether implementors or users, to contribute tests.  I'll ensure that the 
chair of the Task Force gets this suggestion.

If I had to guess, I'd say that having a WWW interface to accept 
submissions is likely to be within the realm of possibility, given the 
resources available to implement something like that.  Using that interface 
(or another WWW interface) to execute them isn't a meaningful concept, 
because the Query WG doesn't provide an implementation---implementors of 
XQuery implementations have to build the test harness, etc. to run the 
tests.  (Well, an interested user could do the same, but it would almost 
always have to be build for a specific XQuery implementation.)

Discussion of the results in a newsgroup or an RSS feed or anything else 
public is likely to be problematic, too, as some implementors do not wish 
their results to be made public if attributed to their implementation 
(e.g., if they're still early in the Alpha cycle and don't wish to be 
labelled "bad" before they even think they're done).  Of course, 
unattributed test results could be publicly discussed.

But it's very unlikely that the Testing Task Force, or the Query WG, could 
accept major responsibility for driving the discussion because it clearly 
doesn't scale to thousands of tests by several implementations, an unknown 
number of whose results may be controversial.  I'd say that the users 
and/or implementors would have to be responsible for initiating discussion 
of results that they don't understand or with which they disagree.  One 
possibility for the venue of those discussions is the public Bugzilla site 
that will be (has been?) put in place for reporting of bugs in the test suite.

>     The results of user discussions could produce tests.

Indeed, but (again) the Task Force and WG participants can't reasonably do 
(all of) this, because it simply doesn't scale.  But the greater community 
would be welcome --- nay, encouraged --- to produce new tests as a result 
of such discussions.

Hope this helps,

>Alan Gutierrez - alan@engrm.com
>     - http://engrm.com/blogometer/index.html
>     - http://engrm.com/blogometer/rss.2.0.xml

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