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   Re: [xml-dev] CLAX - Client-side functionality

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Juan wrote,

> Yes, you can install a third-party plugin in MSIE with good support for
> both p-MathML and c-MathML. Therefore, after 10 years of efforts with
> mathematical drafts and specs. MathPlayer appears like the only posibility
> for rendering semantic markup on-line. This effort from Design Science may
> be recognized in no doubt.

As has been explained to you several times over on the mathml lists,
that isn't at all an accurate description.

If you expect a world where there will be documents with
and you expect that some at least of those xml languages will need
specialised layout engines (svg,mathml,cml,...) then you have a choice,
either you open up your core browser to be extended (as mozilla has done
for mathml and svg) or you provide an API such that 3rd party renderers
can attach layout rules to specific namespaced fragments, this is the
approach taken by IE.

You've claimed several times that IE has ignored mathml but nothing
could be further from the truth, Microsoft even hosted one of the Math
Working group meetings at around the time IE 5.5 and MathML 1.1 were
being developed. What they have done is ignore (or at least choose not to
implement) xhtml which has the unfortunate effect that all the mechanisms
for hooking rendering behaviours on to XML namespaces have to be in html
files (which have no standard way of specifying namespaces or including
xml fragments) rather than xhtml. But that is an annoyance that can be
worked around and hidden from the author's document. In any event it has
nothing specifically to do with mathml

> None browser _natively_ support content MathML because even Amaya or
> Mozilla Firefox are supporting p-MathML alone.

Similarly it is wrong to say that Mozilla doesn't support all of MathML.
It is only necessary to extend the layout engine for languages that
require new layout forms, and Content MathML does not require any layout
forms not implemented in Presentation MathML, so mozilla is perfectly
capable of rendering a xhtml+content mathml document if styled with a
suitable stylesheet. Serving content rich XML to a client to be styled
with a client side XSLT stylesheet was just about the main motivating
example for specifying XML .

> A question, can Mathplayer understand and render adequately examples of
> ***real*** content MathML typed below i discovered just some days ago (i
> will further analize in canonical science today)?

Yes it can. 

> This would NOT be rendered as x=5.

yes it would by default, if you think that it should not, you must have
misunderstood the MathML specification.

> This would NOT be rendered as log_7(x). The context PI is based in ConText
> software listed at MathML software page

The whole point of a processing instruction is that you can put in
instructions for a _specific_ processor that may be cleanly _ignored_
by other processors. So the _defined_ behaviour in this case is to
ignore the processing instruction. A system may choose not to ignore it
and do some system-specific thing, but your implication that systems
should understand every processing instruction that may be specified by
any other system is, hmm, odd.



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