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Re: [xml-dev] 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today ... a letter from MichaelMoore

Oh my god, how stupid can you be. India is in Eastern Europe ?

This clarifies some questions about your intellect. Go get girl !!! 
Change the world !!

> I wont dare answer you you might raise the bill to 10.00 ! you people 
> in india make a lot more than we programmers do in spain!
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Razvan MIHAIU" <xml.dev.ro@gmail.com>
> To: "Diana Castillo" <diana@destinia.com>
> Cc: "XML Developers List" <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 9:53 PM
> Subject: Re: [xml-dev] 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today ... a letter from 
> Michael Moore
>>    You saw the reaction of all these people on this list. You could 
>> apologize for your behavior. This is what a person with a good 
>> education would do. It remains to be seen what your education tells 
>> you to do.
>> Note:
>>    I am from Eastern Europe. I don't care about Michael Moor or about 
>> any US politics.
>>    Someone who does care about those things will certainly look for 
>> such information on other communication channels (not XML DEV).
>>    You own me 5 USD for making me to loose time with these issues. 
>> You don't need to pay anything, but when your debt has reached 10 USD 
>> you will be blacklisted.
>>> November, 7th, 2006
>>> 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today
>>> 1. IT'S A NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Although candidates' names will be on 
>>> the ballot today, this election is NOT about this candidate or that 
>>> candidate. Make no mistake about it: This election is nothing less 
>>> than a National Referendum on George W. Bush and his War. Don't 
>>> waste your time trying to learn about who the schlump is that's 
>>> running for office. You know they're all pretty much the same, a few 
>>> are better than others, but... please. They is who they is. THIS 
>>> election is not about them. It's a simple up or down vote on staying 
>>> the course.
>>> To vote in favor of the war, vote for the Republican. To vote 
>>> against the war, vote for the Democrat. As crazy as it sounds, even 
>>> if the Republican is against the war, or the Democrat is for it, it 
>>> doesn't matter. All that will matter by midnight tonight is the math 
>>> on the big tote board. Did America say YES to Bush or NO to Bush? 
>>> The ONLY way they're going to add it up is by counting the number of 
>>> votes under the big D and the big R. The only way to take a stand 
>>> against Bush today is to vote for the Dems on the ballot.
>>> HAVE TO VOTE. There are huge and valid concerns about the new 
>>> electronic voting machines that must be addressed. It is far too 
>>> easy to use new technology to rig the vote. But if your fear of that 
>>> leads you to decide that you shouldn't bother voting, well, then, I 
>>> guess they've succeeded in snuffing out your voice without having to 
>>> rig the machine. Make them break the law if they want to win. Vote. 
>>> We'll catch them if they do. I promise.
>>> AFTER THEM! These spineless Democrats who enabled Bush to start this 
>>> war and funded it ever since are due for a shellacking from all of 
>>> us. For nearly 6 years, they've hidden behind the cop-out of, "Hey, 
>>> we're the minority, we have no power." As of tomorrow, hopefully, 
>>> they will have no mask to hide behind. And it will be up to us to go 
>>> after them.
>>> 4. I'LL PUT YOU ON MY WEBSITE. That's right. You can appear on my 
>>> home page and be seen by millions later today. All you need to do is 
>>> bring a broom when you go to vote. The broom is our mascot today 
>>> because we're going to sweep the crooks and the warmongers outta 
>>> office. Take a picture of yourself holding a broom outside your 
>>> polling place, e-mail it to me <mailto:photos@michaelmoore.com>, and 
>>> I'll put as many of you as I can up on the home page of my website. 
>>> People all around the world will see you! Government files with your 
>>> name on them will be initiated! What better way to celebrate this 
>>> historic day?!
>>> And the final reason to vote today...
>>> 5. 2,836 + 655,000. Each one of them, American and Iraqi, are no 
>>> longer with us because of the decision by one man to start a war. 
>>> Each one of them represented a precious, God-given life that no man 
>>> had the right to take away. Each one of them had a mother and 
>>> father, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends and loved ones, 
>>> little boys and little girls. It's mad, my friends, utterly mad, 
>>> this senseless loss of human life.
>>> So, do it for them. Call up whoever you know and tell them to meet 
>>> you at the polls. And tell them to bring a broom, real or imaginary, 
>>> with a big D on it. It's the only true American thing to do.
>>> See ya at the victory party tonight!
>>> Michael Moore
>>> mmflint@aol.com <mailto:mmflint@aol.com>
>>> www.michaelmoore.com <http://www.michaelmoore.com/>
>>> P.S. Forward this to all your friends. Today is the day.
>>> ---
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