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Re: [xml-dev] 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today ... a letter from MichaelMoore

    You saw the reaction of all these people on this list. You could 
apologize for your behavior. This is what a person with a good education 
would do. It remains to be seen what your education tells you to do.

    I am from Eastern Europe. I don't care about Michael Moor or about 
any US politics.

    Someone who does care about those things will certainly look for 
such information on other communication channels (not XML DEV).

    You own me 5 USD for making me to loose time with these issues. You 
don't need to pay anything, but when your debt has reached 10 USD you 
will be blacklisted.

> November, 7th, 2006
> 5 Good Reasons to Vote Today
> 1. IT'S A NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Although candidates' names will be on 
> the ballot today, this election is NOT about this candidate or that 
> candidate. Make no mistake about it: This election is nothing less 
> than a National Referendum on George W. Bush and his War. Don't waste 
> your time trying to learn about who the schlump is that's running for 
> office. You know they're all pretty much the same, a few are better 
> than others, but... please. They is who they is. THIS election is not 
> about them. It's a simple up or down vote on staying the course.
> To vote in favor of the war, vote for the Republican. To vote against 
> the war, vote for the Democrat. As crazy as it sounds, even if the 
> Republican is against the war, or the Democrat is for it, it doesn't 
> matter. All that will matter by midnight tonight is the math on the 
> big tote board. Did America say YES to Bush or NO to Bush? The ONLY 
> way they're going to add it up is by counting the number of votes 
> under the big D and the big R. The only way to take a stand against 
> Bush today is to vote for the Dems on the ballot.
> HAVE TO VOTE. There are huge and valid concerns about the new 
> electronic voting machines that must be addressed. It is far too easy 
> to use new technology to rig the vote. But if your fear of that leads 
> you to decide that you shouldn't bother voting, well, then, I guess 
> they've succeeded in snuffing out your voice without having to rig the 
> machine. Make them break the law if they want to win. Vote. We'll 
> catch them if they do. I promise.
> AFTER THEM! These spineless Democrats who enabled Bush to start this 
> war and funded it ever since are due for a shellacking from all of us. 
> For nearly 6 years, they've hidden behind the cop-out of, "Hey, we're 
> the minority, we have no power." As of tomorrow, hopefully, they will 
> have no mask to hide behind. And it will be up to us to go after them.
> 4. I'LL PUT YOU ON MY WEBSITE. That's right. You can appear on my home 
> page and be seen by millions later today. All you need to do is bring 
> a broom when you go to vote. The broom is our mascot today because 
> we're going to sweep the crooks and the warmongers outta office. Take 
> a picture of yourself holding a broom outside your polling place, 
> e-mail it to me <mailto:photos@michaelmoore.com>, and I'll put as many 
> of you as I can up on the home page of my website. People all around 
> the world will see you! Government files with your name on them will 
> be initiated! What better way to celebrate this historic day?!
> And the final reason to vote today...
> 5. 2,836 + 655,000. Each one of them, American and Iraqi, are no 
> longer with us because of the decision by one man to start a war. Each 
> one of them represented a precious, God-given life that no man had the 
> right to take away. Each one of them had a mother and father, sisters, 
> brothers, husbands, wives, friends and loved ones, little boys and 
> little girls. It's mad, my friends, utterly mad, this senseless loss 
> of human life.
> So, do it for them. Call up whoever you know and tell them to meet you 
> at the polls. And tell them to bring a broom, real or imaginary, with 
> a big D on it. It's the only true American thing to do.
> See ya at the victory party tonight!
> Michael Moore
> mmflint@aol.com <mailto:mmflint@aol.com>
> www.michaelmoore.com <http://www.michaelmoore.com/>
> P.S. Forward this to all your friends. Today is the day.
> ---
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