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Re: [xml-dev] RELAX NG equivalent of <xsd:any processContents="lax">?

Thanks, that makes sense.   I'm still a bit rusty on RELAX NG, but I 
>think< what you've got says:

1) The root can be anything except interesting elements.
2) The children can by anything at all to arbitrary depth.
3) Interesting elements among the children are validated.
4) The schemas for those interesting children are pointed to in that final 

Do I have that right?  If I understand this, then if you want to validate 
the container itself, that's a separate validation.  Not a big deal, but a 
slight difference in style I'd think compared to W3C Schemas, in which 
container and containee are validated together yielding one net validity 
result, and the composition of the schema pieces (SOAP schema and purchase 
order schema) is controlled on the command line or validator invocation 
API.  Anyway, I appreciate the tutorial.   I'm convinced that in practice 
people can pretty much do what they need for container validation with 
either the RELAX NG or W3C Schema approaches, but the nuances are a bit 
different.  Thanks!

Noah Mendelsohn 
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

"Radu Cernuta" <radu.cernuta@gmail.com>
02/06/2007 04:58 PM
        To:     "noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com" <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
        cc:     "Jeff Lowery" <jlowery@myrio.com>, xml-dev@lists.xml.org
        Subject:        Re: [xml-dev] RELAX NG equivalent of <xsd:any 

Hi Noah,

It is not necessary to modify the existing official XML Schema provided 
for SOAP by W3C. I think the purpose of the example in the tutorial was to 
emphasize on the necessity to avoid ambiguity when using <anyName>, not to 
show the one and only way of doing things.
For example, it is possible to write a RELAX NG schema that would validate 
interesting elements (such as purchaseOrder in your example) within 
whatever container vocabulary(soap in your example), except the vocabulary 
of the interesting elements; the interesting elements can be defined in 
this schema or another one:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<grammar xmlns="http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/1.0";>
        <ref name="rootElement"></ref> 
    <define name="rootElement">
                    <nsName ns="http://interestingElements.com";></nsName>
            <ref name="children"></ref>
    <define name="children"> 
                        <nsName ns="http://interestingElements.com
                <ref name="children"></ref>
            <ref name="interestingElements"></ref> 
    <define name="interestingElements">
            <externalRef href="interestingElement1.rng"/>
            <externalRef href="interestingElement2.rng"/>
The document can be validated against the official SOAP schema for the 
container structure and against the other schema for the content. If one 
of the validations fails, the document is not valid.

Radu Cernuta

2007/2/6, noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>:
I'm not a RELAX NG expert, but I am interested in this question, so maybe
your or other experts can provide a bit more detail.  What I see at
http://relaxng.org/tutorial-20011203.html#IDAFLZR gives some of what I
think people look for in W3C Schema lax validation, but not quite all of
it.  The difference I think I see is in the case where the attribute that
does have a declaration (xml:space in the example at the link) gets its 
declaration from a separate schema document (in W3C Schema terms), perhaps
for a different targetNamespace.  The RELAX NG solution shown seems to
require that a list of the elements to be validated be provided with the 
<anyName> wildcard in an <except> element.

Consider a SOAP envelope:


There are a variety of ways to acheive different effects using W3C XML
Schema, but the schema that's officially published by W3C for the envelope 

has the body marked <any processContents="lax"/>. If someone comes along
and writes a completely separate schema document describing the
po:purchaseOrder, and passes both schema documents in on the API call to 
the validator, the envelope and the purchaseOrder will be validated
together, and the overall envelope will be marked invalid if either the
envelope markup or the purchaseOrder is in error.  As I understand the
solution proposed above, it would involve modifying the W3C-provided
envelope schema to list <po:purchaseOrder> in an <except>.

Does RELAX NG have another approach, or is this considered a non-goal?
Certainly one always has the option of validating the container and the
payload separately.   Thanks!


Noah Mendelsohn
IBM Corporation
One Rogers Street 
Cambridge, MA 02142

"Radu Cernuta" <radu.cernuta@gmail.com>
02/06/2007 06:49 AM

        To:     "Jeff Lowery" <jlowery@myrio.com>
        cc:     xml-dev@lists.xml.org, (bcc: Noah 
        Subject:        Re: [xml-dev] RELAX NG equivalent of <xsd:any

For lax validation in RELAX NG you could take a look at the RELAX NG 
Tutorial by James Clark and Murata Makoto. Section 11 (Name Classes)
handles this issue.



Radu Cernuta

2007/2/6, Jeff Lowery <jlowery@myrio.com>:
This has got to be a FAQ, but no luck with googling:

Trying to find a shorthand method to validate content using lax 
constraints in RELAX NG.  I want something like this:

namespace foo = "http://www.w3.org/foo";

qux =
    element baz {empty}     # some element 

bar =
    element bar { anyLax* }  #allow baz, bar, anyOtherElement

anyOtherElement =
  element * - foo:*  {        # any elements not in this namespace
    attribute * { text }*,
     | anyOtherElement)*

anyLax = (
        grammar {*}             #all patterns


Don't work, though.

Only examples I've seen enumerate all the grammars by name in the 
schema. Doesn't appear there is wildcard of that type.


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