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Re: [xml-dev] namespaces support decision table

XML Schema is just a way of describing a valid set of conforming XML 
documents.  Indeed, it is only one way of many (c.f. Relax NG, XDR etc.).

So in effect, the set of valid XML documents can exist before the schema 
that captures their constraints exists.

So, yes, the example you present is valid with regard to namespaces.

(In other words, you can read and apply the XML namespaces spec without 
having heard of the XML schema spec.)

With regard to your a, b, and c, I can't see how a==1, b==0, and c==1 is 
valid (if the default namespace is considered prefixed as stated).  I may be 
missing something though.


Pete Cordell
Tech-Know-Ware Ltd
for XML Schema to C++ data binding visit

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Shlomo Yona" <S.Yona@F5.com>
To: "Shlomo Yona" <S.Yona@F5.com>; <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 7:08 AM
Subject: RE: [xml-dev] namespaces support decision table


One addition to this: if I have no XML Schema  does this mean that the ``a’’ 
column is meaningless?

For example

If I have no schema, is the following OK, with regards to namespaces, or 



   <b xmlns=”foo”/>


<a> and the first <b> are not qualified, and the second <b> is qualified.

Does this make sense? I mean, if there’s no schema, does it means that every 
name is unqualified unless it is qualified explicitly qualified? (this sorts 
of sounds like a tautology…)



From: Shlomo Yona [mailto:S.Yona@f5.com]
Sent: ă 30 îŕé 2007 08:33
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: [xml-dev] namespaces support decision table


I am trying to understand the impact of schema hints and evidence from XML 
documents on the proper handling of namespaces. Here is what I came up with

a. Name is qualified in XML Schema: yes/no

b. Name is prefixed in XML document: yes/no (default namespace is also 
considered as a prefix, the empty string prefix, for this discussion’s sake)

c. Prefix for name is defined in XML document: yes/no

There are 8 possibilities for the above criterions.

An error should be issued (not necessarily same error in all cases) in all 
cases except for the following three:


a==1 b==0 c==1

a==1 b==1 c==1

My question is, are these indeed all possibilities? Are there other factors 
that need to be considered? Is my understanding correct?



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