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Re: [offtopic] Re: SQL instead of XQuery


> Speach goes about query language on slides,
> instead of algorithms of engine.

I disagree.  SQL works against relational databases.  XQuery goes against XML 
and XML databases, so the comparison of SQL vs XQuery drags in the topic of 
what storage mechanism to use as well.

> First, XForms itself is very bad for non-programmers (checked).

So is SQL.  What's your point?

> Second, XQuery is worse, than SQL/XLang, as
> procedural language is worse declarative language.
> So expenses of job/time for XQuery is more.

I have done a lot of production development in both systems, and I speak from 
years of experience.  XQuery is about 10x more productive on both initial dev 
and maintenance.

Your theoretical arguments are specious and carry no weight.  The real world 
begs to differ with your unsubstantiated opinion.

> AJT> is a very powerful set ...              [[reason, why is offtopic]]
> Word ('powerful'), which means nothing.
> Creterias are necessary instead of it.

Again, I speak from years (and decades) of experience developing robust code 
quickly for various industry segments.  Under real world criteria of 
productivity, cost, maintainbility, flexibility, agility and such, they are 

> Non-programmer is not capable to develop inside these technologies.

I am a very senior developer (also Pres, CTO, VP IT and Architect).  I and my 
team think you are full of shit when you make such unsubstantiated comments, 
and we've proven it on many a prodution project.

What have you done, Dimitry, except spout total BS?

> Non-programmers can't deploy gasket (php, perl, their libraries)
> or adjust and use bridge (Web server of DBMS) between DBMS and browser.
> All are said by this.

Bullshit.  Utter, unadulterated claptrap.

> My proposal removes this gasket.

All your proposal removed is your brain cells.

> We look into question with avarage user,
> now let's look at professional programmer.
> How is deployment of gasket (or usual writing of gasket) is
> faster, than non-doing this ??

Gasket?  I have gaskets in my motorcycle engines.  I don't have any gaskets 
in my code. 

> Grammatical time is messed up: not 'fill', but 'filled'.

I suggest you not try and correct English grammar nor spelling, as your 
responses have clearly shown you to be unqualified for such critiques.

> AJT> 4) The slide deck is atrocious.  Go visit the Presentation Zen web
> site/blog AJT> and redo the whole thing from scratch.  Please don't inflict
> those slides on AJT> anyone.
> Give links to presentation of sophisticated ideas,
> which (presentation) is better, then my one.
> I'd like to compare.

Try google.com on Presentation Zen.  But then that's probably too difficult 
for a non-programmer.

> AJT> 5) XLang?  That went the way of the dodo a long time ago.
> 'dodo' ?
> Clarify, please.

It's extinct.

> Arguments are necessary (as always).

Read all my prior stuff.

> You mess up 'little understanding' and 'little similarity'.

No I didn't.  I said exactly what I meant and observed. I stand by my 
statement that you have no understanding of the "real world", and what it 
takes to do real development.  

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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