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SQL instead of XQuery


---format of storage

>> So there is no advantages of XQuery (let's make comparison
>> characteristic during all time, instead to agitate for only one 
>> technology).
nuic> advantage I'm claiming for XML over relational ...
nuic> XML document that is the template ...
nuic> as well as the XML documents that are the actual policies ...
nuic> all fit nicely into a single, unified XML data model.

You all time are messing query language and format of storage.
I will not agitate to save as relational: please, save as xml
- and use SQL5 to process. Topic is "SQL instead of XQuery" !

nuic> policy documents can also be stored in the
nuic> same XML database as the customer list

Any xml-element of policy can be saved as record of table or
as values of xml-field of table.

E.g. SQL5 allows to save automatically xml-elements of top part of tree
(near root) as records, and to save rest, bottom part of tree into
xml-fields of records.
Allows, but not forces. If you want, you can save all tree as xml.

nuic> with the ... mixed content

This question not about query language, but about datatypes,
supported by relational and xml engines.
Now there is no any difference in datatypes between these two kinds
of engines (i don't know, is xml engines support video).

---query language

nuic> join in which you select all the policy documents containing XML tags with
nuic> certain values that match the corresponding values in the customer list,
nuic> for example. 

Even if you have created tree, where records and xml-elements are
alternating (FK can refer from relational to xml, from xml to
relational, from xml to xml !), for example odd level of tree is
record, even level of tree is xml-elements - than also here
you can process tree by SQL5 as united tree !

nuic> The XQuery language deals with that model directly
nuic> and can ... populate result documents

SQL+XPath+XTree also deels with XML directly.
And it also can populate.

nuic> SQL ... it's not as well tuned as XQuery

Apparently you are speaking about SQL without XPath and XTree.

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6. 5.4)  http://html60.euro.ru
SQL5      (5.11.1)  http://sql50.euro.ru
Unicode7  (7. 2.1)  http://unicode70.euro.ru
Computer2 (2. 0.2)  http://computer20.euro.ru

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