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Re: [xml-dev] JavaScript (was Re: [xml-dev] Whither XML ?)

Hi David,

Understood. I can see the problem with binary in general; I just wanted 
to point that sending XML in an efficient way *should* be possible already.

Which devices do not understand C-E: gzip?

Best regards, Julian

On 11.11.2010 17:28, David wrote:
> Some devices do support gzip HTTP encoding of text data some don't.
> Even the ones that do, doesn't solve the problem of wanting to send
> binary data which is not simply gzip'd text using JS.
> Javascript doesnt have a binary type, the JS HTTP API's dont allow you
> to fetch (into a JS variable) a binary result from an HTTP request.
> (except that interesting hack with PNG images ... )
> And even if you do get gzip'd text the in-memory footprint of such text
> is big, due to 16 bit chars
> and processing said text byte by byte in JS is inefficient.
> For us who've gotten fat & lazy with the good life of pretending
> everyone has 4G of ram and a 4Ghz quad core processor, working on mobile
> devices is humbling. Even when those devices are 100x more powerful of
> the PC's of yesteryear.
> Add JavaScript to the mix and the dissertation that it is "The VM of the
> Browser", then add the architectural concept that every app should be a
> locally running "web app" (Web/OS style) and life is a sad sad state of
> affairs.
> I'm sorry but I just dont buy it. Until JS improves *dramatically* (not
> just in speed but capibility) I predict we will NOT see the plethra of
> high quality 'web apps' that pendants predict. You just need to look at
> your iPhone for proof.
> You can run web apps on it, you can run native apps. How many '100% pure
> web apps' on the iphone are worth using ?
> Do you launch a browser and go to maps.google.com ? or do you launch the
> Google Maps native app.
> Why ?
> David A. Lee
> dlee@calldei.com
> http://www.xmlsh.org
>>> We were completely unable to adopt this technique to the Palm Web/OS due
>>> to the inability to do binary IO and efficient binary parsing.
>>> ...
>> Are you saying those do not support
>> Content-Encoding: gzip
>> ?
>> Best regards, Julian

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