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Re: [xml-dev] element census tool?

And below is my hoary perl version.  It also keeps track of element 
ancestry and reports statistics on all unique paths.  Also for some 
attributes you may often want to know how often a particular value 
occurs, wheras for others (ids, uris, etc) you don't.  I generally 
fiddle with the script once I have a bit of knowledge about the tagging 
and dataset, but perhaps this could be automated somewhat by counting 
numbers of distinct values?


On 2/2/2011 12:12 PM, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> I know I could write this myself, but suspect someone else has already 
> done a better job of it - and I just don't know the right Google 
> keywords to summon it.
> I'm looking for a tool that I can feed an XML document, and it will 
> tell me which element names were used in the document.
> Attributes used on those elements would be a bonus, as would a 
> frequency count for usage, but mostly I'm just trying to survey a 
> collection of (DocBook) documents quickly.
> All suggestions welcome.
use warnings;
use strict;

use XML::Parser;

use vars qw" %tagfreq @tagstack %pathfreq";

     my $parser = new XML::Parser(Handlers => {Start => \&handle_start,
                                               End   => \&handle_end,
                                               #Char  => \&handle_char
     @tagstack = ('');

     for my $file (@ARGV) {
         open (XML, $file) || die "can't open $file: $!";
         $parser->parse (*XML);
         close XML;
     for my $tagname (sort keys %tagfreq) {
         print $tagname, ' ', $tagfreq{$tagname}, "\n";
     for my $path (sort keys %pathfreq) {
         print $path, ' ', $pathfreq{$path}, "\n";

sub handle_start {
     my ($parser, $element, %attr) = @_;
     for my $attr (keys %attr) {
         if ($attr eq 'url' || $attr eq 'linkend' || $attr eq 
'xreflabel' || $attr =~ /id$/i || $attr =~ /ref$/i || $attr eq 
'linebreaks' ) {
             $tagfreq{$element . '@' . $attr}++;
         } else {
             $tagfreq{$element . '@' . $attr . '=' . $attr{$attr}}++;

     push @tagstack, $element;
     $pathfreq {join ('/', @tagstack)}++;

sub handle_end {
     pop @tagstack;

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