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RE: [xml-dev] RE: Formatting Processing Instructions

This is true.  OTOH, they'd have to get through a considerable amount of
well-positioned firepower to do that and most malware authors aren't
that determined.

The ironic bit is when it was an SGML hypertext system with innovative
SGML style sheets running on the networks before Mosaic was a gray-page
with a blinking tag, it was considered oddball because it didn't require
the use of DTDs (well-formed markup was obvious but the SGML community
was not about to back off the standard).  The NIST people wanted it
dead.  The SGML community wanted it dead.  The tech pubs community
wanted it dead.

Twenty years on, it is still standing.  Let's hear it for Humvees with
gaudy accoutrement.

If nothing else, the web revolution taught us that no solution is right
until the right people benefit.  Efficient hybrids were impossible until
the last time gas hit $4 a gallon.  Then amazingly, they were there.
That's the politics of innovation:  the winner takes the spoils so be
alert and sure to take out the other guy as soon as they show signs of

"Innovators:  face down in the mud with arrows in their back."


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Sent: Friday, March 02, 2012 12:06 PM
To: Len Bullard
Cc: Betty Harvey; Rick Jelliffe; xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: Re: [xml-dev] RE: Formatting Processing Instructions

Len Bullard scripsit:

> So far no one has introduced a virus through IADS.  However they
> it, as hedges go, it's sturdier than any web browser.  

Well, it's obviously not cost-effective for malware authors to attack
such an oddball thing.  For a long time there wasn't much Linux malware,
mostly for the same reason.

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