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Re: [xml-dev] Re: XML As Fall Guy

On 29 November 2013 07:05, Ihe Onwuka <ihe.onwuka@gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry. To all replies of this genre including the bolted on legal and
> contractual nuances, I say no.
> As an industry (can't call it a profession) we don't train or require
> members to train,  we disparage education, we villify theory, your average
> dev who has never,  would never and is probably quite proud of never having
> read a paper is praised and self brands or is branded a pragmatist. Almost
> 20 years on people still complain that genuinely good Java developers are
> hard to find - our reaction to that is to cater to mediocre ones because
> they are plentiful.
> Through a combination of a lack of ethics and a refusal to apply common
> sense we get into bed with vendors of snake oil and willingly tout their
> overpriced crap to our clients and customers as solutions. We are largely
> ignorant of our history, therefore don't learn lessons from the past and
> fall for and indulge the hype when it is rebranded and recycled. How many
> people in our industry actually understand for example that it was not SQL
> that  powered the take off of relational technology. Said ignorance then
> becomes a platform for enshrined anti - collaborative hostile attitudes to
> technologies that though dated have served well. Hence wheels are
> unnecessarily re-invented because merely NOT being something (e.g SQL, XML)
> gets cast as  a virtue.
> We suck at complex projects because the people that are always tasked with
> executing them have the acceptance of  craptacularly bad unprofessional and
> unethical habits ingrained into their psyche.

Some programmers read papers.  Game programmers that write engines do,
but these are a elite. Probably people that write system tools,
servers, etc... read a lot of papers.

Then theres millions people writting what are esentially CRUD
applications, and every new project is just another CRUD application
with different chairs.  These people have a lot of people that read
and write a lot about a job, what problems we have,  how to reduce
these problems to zero.  This people would read anything well written
that would help in this.  Well written here means a text that is easy
to follow, with examples, that take times to explain subjects...
basically a text "for the public".  Papers and patents are normally
not this type. Patents are readable for lawyers, unreadable for
everyone else. Papers are readable for people in the academia culture.
 The missing element would be people reading academia, and writting
articles for generic programmers information.  Sorta like ... science

ℱin del ℳensaje.

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