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The idea, most fully worked out by Jonathan Borden, of overloading
the HTML <link> element to serve as related-resource xlinks, is
cool, but I see two problems with it:

1. I'd like to tie the xlink to the related resource to the
   prose that defines it
2. If you overload <link>, you get into difficulties with 
   href= vs xlink:href=... - due to parts of the design of
   namespaces and xlink that make several people uncomfortable,
   but the problem is there.

#1 is probably solve-able by giving the <link>s an id= and pointing
at them from the prose, but that feels a bit awkward.  #2 I think
is a real problem (or am I missing something?).

So, here's a plan B proposal... 


So far, there's no place for media-type, is it really useful to
dispatch on at the end of the day?  Lots of other things could
be done, but this is a place for the dare-to-do-less principle.

I went and locked up xnrl.org, but it was a Bad Network Solutions
Day and it kinda croaked halfway through, the actual name isn't 

Time to de-geek and do New Year's Eve stuff... best of the millennium 
to y'all. -T