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RE: Namespace Catalogue Hackery (long, mostly code)

Uche Ogbuji wrote,
> So I was thinking more about implementing nameapace catalogs in 
> XSLT, and of course extensions aren't necessary.  Here is some 
> hackery on the concept.

[snip: lots of code]

Umm ... but it doesn't address the substitution issue.

Sure, if I have a document which conveniently includes a PI 
redirecting namespace URI resolution to my chosen substitue catalog. But I
don't have any reason to expect that to be the 
case for every arbitrary doc I might want to process. So it looks 
as though I'd have to perform an initial transform to insert the 
relevant PIs for each of the namespaces of interest.

But do we _really_ want to have to transform a document simply
to modify it's associations with other resources? I we _have_
to that's only because the existing proposals hard-wire the
catalog into the document instance via its embedded namespace 

To my mind that's a mistake ... we need another level of



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