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Re: Plan B+1 = Plan C+1

> It turns out that browsers ignore the html namespace. By creating a document
> using a namespace http://www.w3.org/tr/xhtml-basic I assume that the
> document 'conforms' to what is dereferenced at this namespace, namely the
> XHTML Basic 1.0 W3C REC. Since we are modifying this spec, we assign a new
> namespace no?

The namespace for XHTML Basic is the same as other XHTML variants,
The intention if you use HTML Modularization to build further variants
is that XHTML elements be kept in the XHTML namespace. That's the
point of the namespace: to unabiguously identify XHTML elements as being
such.  A namespace aware browser (mozilla, anything based on xslt, etc)
can then recognise these elements and render them in the usual way,
even if they are embedded in a document with a DTD/schema different
from XHTML.


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